Fibonacci Home Furniture Design

Gerrard Bench


Form and function reach a pinnacle in the understated beauty of the Gerrard Bench. Featuring rounded edges of natural black walnut veneer, the ultra-thin bench will have guests flocking to it. Don't be surprised when it becomes the much-sought-after star of your home, whether the setting is an open-floor plan downtown loft or the mudroom of a traditional home. A museum-worthy piece of art, its two infinity-loop legs anchor the bench, complementing the understated elegance of the piece. The angled architecture yields a graceful strength amplified by its thin profile of composite wood. Its beauty belies its strength, but make no mistake—the Gerrard bench is built to last.

94W x 18D x 18H 122
MDF Composite Wood, American Black Walnut Veneer
BRAZIL Arrives Assembled