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WING (2018) photography printed on metallic paper and mounted on 1/4-inch sheet of clear acrylic. The high gloss of the acrylic sheet complements the rich colors of the image to produce stunning results. Limited edition of 25 prints. Venezuelan artist, J. Margulis, came of age with the rise of geometric abstractionism and Kinetic art. Today, his artwork is the result of an intrinsic connection between two and three-dimensional planes, working with sculpture in parallel with photography. The J. Margulis acrylic series is the creation of geometric shapes concieved mostly by changing the perspective of the viewer accompanied by the philosophical notion that everything in life has multiple levels of narrative, spatial perceptions, as well as varying degrees of empathy and diversity.

40 x 72 40w x 72h 54
48 x 96 48w x 96h 70
Acrylic, Metallic Paper, Aluminum
USA Arrives Assembled